How can I stand to be confined to the ship?

There are a number of answers to this question that many people ask me. First, today's ships are huge floating resorts that offer plenty of room to roam. It's not uncommon to take two or three days to explore the entire ship and discover all the things there are to do on-board. Secondly, most ships dock at their ports of call early in the morning and leave late in the afternoon, giving you all day to be off the ship. A cruise with a port intensive itinerary may have only one day at sea. Last but not least, you may want to consider a short cruise of three or four days for your first cruise experience. If you fall in love with cruising as many people do, then you can book a week or longer for your next vacation.

Is a cruise a good idea with the children?

More and more families each year are finding that a cruise makes a great family vacation. Many cruise lines offer year round children's programs supervised by youth counselors. Others off children's activities during holiday travel periods. Children are divided into age groups and activities are age specific. There are all kinds of sports, games, movies, and parties. The great part about taking your family on a cruise is that you and your spouse can enjoy time together and know that the children are being taken care of, plus there's time to spend together as a family. Children's rates make the cost more reasonable.

How much weight will I gain on the cruise?

Gaining weight is a possibility. Since there is no limit on what or how much you can order to eat, the temptation to eat everything may catch up with you. However, the cruise lines have changed with the times. They realize that more people are weight-conscience today. Therefore, on every menu they offer several selections that are 'lighter' fare, low-cal or fitness items that are just as tempting as the regular items. Most cruise lines can also accommodate special diets as long as the request is make well in advance of sailing. In addition, portion sizes have been adapted to smaller appetites. Don't be mistaken ~ there is still plenty of food available for the heartier appetite. In the event you do over-indulge the fitness center is well-equipped for working off those extra pounds and the walking track is open day and night.

Will I get Sea Sick?

Seasickness is a very common concern. First, do you experience motion discomfort when riding in a car or flying in a plane? If not, chances are you won't be bothered by the movement of the ship either. But in case you do feel queasy, there will be a doctor on-board who can provide medication to help. You can also talk to your own doctor before leaving and ask them to recommend something for you to take along, just in case. A combination of ship size, modern stabilizers and more accurate weather predictions have all helped to greatly reduce the incidence of motion sickness.

Do we have to dress up or wear a coat and tie?

We understand that when you are on vacation you may not want to wear a coat and tie. While there are some people from whom dressing formal is an anticipated pleasure, there are others who want to leave their coat and tie at home. So some cruises are more casual than others. For daytime attire, the atmosphere is always casual with resort-type sport clothes being the style. Evening dress varies by ship and by the occasion. If it's the Captain's Gala Welcome Aboard Party, suggested dress is more formal. Dark suit or fancy dress are appropriate or even that dinner jacket and evening gown if you're so inclined.

How do I know which cruise line is right for me?

That's where we come in, with so many cruise lines to chose from we will assist you in finding to suit your needs. Our cruise counselors have sailed on many cruises and can recommend the cruise that is best suited to your likes and life style. Some people think that we ask too many questions, but that's the best way for us to help you select the cruise that will meet your expectations of a great vacation.

What are the best accommodations?

There are lots of stateroom choices to select from and the decision can be confusing. First, staterooms are categorized as inside or interior and outside or oceanview. Interior staterooms, of course, have no windows and are located along the middle of the ship. Oceanview staterooms are just what their name implies; cabins with a window or porthole for a view of the ocean. Unless you book a suite, your stateroom most likely will be very small.......adequate for its purpose, but small. Interior staterooms are less expensive than oceanview ones and the higher the deck, the higher the price. So there are a number of ways of looking at what's right to book for you. If your tendency is towards claustrophobia, then your best bet is an oceanview stateroom. If saving a few dollars is important, then an interior stateroom will serve the purpose. If you are celebrating a special occasion, you might want to consider splurging on a stateroom with a balcony or even a suite. If motion discomfort is a concern, you will feel the least amount of motion in a mid-ship stateroom. Consider mid-ship as being both from top to bottom and front to back. Booking at least one deck up from the bottom passenger deck should alleviate some possible engine noises.

When should I book my cruise?

The earlier you can book your cruise vacation, the better. There are always those who want to wait for better prices and sometimes they get them but sometimes they don't. Waiting could mean that the sailing date or the accommodations you want get sold out or the price goes up. Cruise lines can change prices overnight and without any notice. The comforting news is that after you have made your booking with us, we monitor price changes. In the event the price goes down on your sailing we automatically contact the cruise line to adjust your pricing.

What is the best time of the year to cruise?

That depends on where you want to cruise. If you are considering a Caribbean cruise and you live in the north where winters are white, the answer is January, February or March. There's nothing like lying on the beach with the warm tropical 90° sun shining and knowing that back home it's 10°. Of course, the cruise lines know this is a popular season, too and their prices reflect that trend. For many people, summer is vacation time and so cruising is popular then also. Some cruise destinations are only accessible during the summer months. For example, Alaska, Bermuda and the Canada/New England sailings are only available from about May to September.

What else do I have to pay for?

It is probably possible to go on a cruise and not spend another cent, but I don't know anyone who has actually done that. However, the largest part of your vacation expenses are already paid for in the cost of your cruise. Your fare will include your room, all meals and snacks onboard, nightly shows and entertainment, many parties and sports activities, use of the gym and fitness equipment, ground transfers between airport and ship, transportation between ports and airfare, if you book an air/sea package. Costs not included would be for items of a personal nature, spa or beauty salon service, souvenirs, shore tours, alcoholic beverages (on most lines), small cover charges at specialty restaurants and tips.

What if we have a group of people that want to go?

That's GREAT!! The more the merrier. It is always more fun to travel with friends or family that you already know. Plus, if you have a group of 16 or more, we can get you a reduced rate. Depending on the makeup of the group, we may provide special services such as, private cocktail party, souvenir group photo, imprinted T-shirt or other items specific to you group's wishes and needs. Very often one of our cruise counselors will sail with your group as an escort. This gives you someone right there with you to get answers to questions, help with any problems that may come up and just act as a contact person you already know.

What about hurricanes?

I knew someone would bring up the "H" word sooner or later. Yes, hurricanes are a fact of life in the Caribbean. Hurricane season officially runs from June to November. Often they are more prevalent in late summer and fall. Since none of us can predict the weather in advance (sometimes even the weathermen have a problem with just a day ahead), booking you cruise during hurricane season is about the same as booking a hotel at the beach for a week........you hope for good weather in both cases. But wouldn't you rather be on a ship that can move out of the hurricane's path, than in a hotel that doesn't move?